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 Ice dancer in the garden of love

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Crystal Snow
Crystal Snow

Data înscrierii : 2019-07-29
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Ice dancer in the garden of love Empty
PostSubject: Ice dancer in the garden of love   Ice dancer in the garden of love Empty30.04.20 11:41

Chapter I. The beginning of a long journey

One body, two different souls. Each one of them with its personality and its appearance. One of them with a shy, calm, and quiet nature, the other one aggressive and short-tempered. They are Yumi Yoko and Ryma, the golden wolf, sharing the same body, the same heart, the same mind, but not the same perspective. While Yumi prefers peace and harmony, Ryma would rather be in the middle of the fight. 
During her childhood, Yumi felt another presence inside that was the opposite of her. She began talking to the other person inside and about her ability to crate and manipulate ice. 
'How do I do that, Ryma? Come on, tell me. It's not that simple, like the blade and those small balls that hit a moving target…' Yumi asked her inner friend, but she got no answer. 'Ryyyyyyymaaa! Come on! Ryma! Tell me! How am I supposed to do this?' The girl was growing impatient, as the inner spirit wasn't answering her. 
'Shut up, you little brat. Just focus, you can do it. It is just a dance, for Goodness' sake! Just dance the way you feel and try to control those effin' snowflakes.' Ryma answered in the end, growling at the child that kept on bothering her. Still, she had to admit that that girl was persistent and was willing to learn the abilities better. 
With no other choice than to listen to Ryma, Yumi started dancing, and around her, the snowflakes began dancing as well. When the small child tried to touch one, it cut her, and the beautiful dance stopped. 
What Yumi did not see as she had been playing was that a treasure hunter was watching her. She happily ran to tell her elder brother about her new ability, not bothering to look around herself.
"Ryouta, Ryouta, I found out something new." she happily jumped around her brother.
"What is it, little sister? What have you found out? A new ability?"
"Yes. The snowflakes are dancing around me, and they cut." She showed him her bleeding finger. "They seem to be some attack."
"Mom's going to kill me if she sees this cut. But I'm glad you discovered more about your powers, Yumi."
"Why are you sad, brother? Is there something wrong?"
"Because you have the power of ice… I sense something wrong in the air." Ryouta was worried about his sister. Having such powerful abilities would definitely attract hunters or thieves that could kidnap her to sell her off to some demon. 
Yumi saddened, leaving her brother's arms. She had expected her brother to be happy for her, but he was not. Running into the woods, she began crying. The calm snow was rapidly turning into a snowstorm, with strong wind. She found her way through the storm quickly; however, her brother, who had been running after her, got lost, unable to reach his sister. 
"Yumi, I'm sorry. Please, come back. Please, I'm begging you. Please! I'm sorry. I'm happy you discovered your powers. Please, Yumi, let's go back home. Mom and dad are waiting for us."
Yumi appeared from the storm and tightly hugged her brother. She was crying a lot; the marks of tears still visible. Ryouta embraced her, picking her up in his arms. He kissed her forehead, smiling down at her. 
"Let's go home, sister. Our parents are expecting us," he muttered, coating his sister's body. 
"Ok, let's go. I'm cold, brother…" the girl mumbled and hugged her brother tighter. Even though he was the one creating this storm, she was still feeling cold. 
"I'll keep you in my jacket until we reach home. This storm is icy. And to think you made it. It's amazing."
"I'm surprised by this too. It seems that my feelings dictate how my powers work. But I didn't want to start it." Yumi concluded, watching the storm calming, as she was also calming herself. 
"It's ok, Yumi. You can do so much more with your powers; you have to learn how to use them." Ryouta tried to comfort her, and at the same time, to make her accept her unique abilities. 
On their way home, the brothers talked about her powers, and Ryma too. She had to tell him; she felt a bit responsible because he'd always helped her whenever she had problems. She told him about her inner friend, how that person explained to her how to do some tricks or more complicated exercises. Of course, the boy could not believe that her sister is sharing her body with a spirit, but he had to accept it in the end. After all, that spirit was helping his sister evolve, which was great. 
By the time they got home, their parents were already outside, looking for them. They were both worried about them. Yumi ran in her mother's arms and showed her the snowflakes dancing around her hands. Her mother watched the dance fascinated, and kissed her daughter on her forehead. The old female was very proud of her, but at the same time, the parents were both scared. Their daughter's powers were great, but dangerous too. Not for the child, but for her life. It was enough for someone else to see her abilities, and the next thing they knew was a bunch of hunters hunting them down to get their daughter. 
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Crystal Snow
Crystal Snow

Data înscrierii : 2019-07-29
Aprecieri ❤️ : 14
Mesaje : 898
Hobby-uri : RPC, RPG, GFX, writing

Ice dancer in the garden of love Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ice dancer in the garden of love   Ice dancer in the garden of love Empty23.05.20 10:00

Chapter II. A significant loss in one moment

Since had I discovered my new powers, my parents have started acting more and more protectively. They were hiding something from me, but I couldn't figure out what. Even my brother has become stricter and even more cautious than before whenever I want to go outside alone. It is like they want to keep me between 4 walls… Like I am supposed to stay in a cage…This kind of sucks, because I hate waiting in the house, I love being outside and playing all day long. I can't do this inside.
I'm bored, shrimp. Go out and let me play a little! Ryma said in a completely disrespectful tone.
I can't go out, you know? Mom and dad are keeping me inside since I told them about my abilities. I answered sadly.
It's not like you've never been outside without them being aware of it. You can go out through the kitchen, and then we can do whatever we want.
I can't, why don't you understand? They are scared of something. I can feel that all of them are. They are afraid that I might get hurt or kidnapped. Even if they don't tell me why I have to stay inside, Ryouta never hides anything from me. Someone is after me, and that someone wants me dead.
This is impossible! Only if someone knows about me, and this is out of the discussion. No one knows what I've done. And it is not like I've changed your element or something. You were born an ice wolf, so it is not such a big deal.
I sighed and decided to leave Ryma, thinking of an explanation. I was sure that she knew the reason why someone was after us. Maybe she can find an answer to all of this. I was sure Ryma had some enemies before she saved me, but I couldn't see why those demons would hurt me… I'm not similar to her in appearance, her hair is blonde and her eyes golden, while I have brown hair and purple eyes. My brother may look identical to her, with his blond hair, but his eyes are sky-blue.
For the whole day, I had to play inside, which was a bore for the most part. When my brother would stay and play with me, it was a bit funny, but all on my own, it was really dull, even creepy. I was used to hearing the birds singing, the sounds of nature could always make me calm, but in my room, the birds' songs were barely loud enough to be heard, I couldn't listen to the wind dancing between the leaves… the silence was too much for me.
By nightfall, my parents had heard a noise outside. It is not from a wild animal, they rarely came this close to the house. It must have been either a human or a demon. Both mom and dad took us and hid Ryouta and me in the basement.
"Take care of your sister, Ryouta," Dad said to my brother before he left to help mom.
"Ryouta, I'm scared. I smell a bad person…" I told him while hiding behind him.
He wrapped me in his arms, trying to keep me calm. A frightened wolf has a different scent than a calm one. He kept telling me that mom and dad were fine, that I could sense that smell because I didn't know the person who was at that point in our house. However, I could tell he was lying. I knew that evil someone was in there, but I couldn't convince him. Or rather, he had already figured it out, and he was trying to calm me down. Needless to say, I couldn't stay calm when our parents were fighting someone who was after me.
"Don't worry, Lil' sis. Mother and father will take care of that evil. You'll see, they'll be fine." Ryouta said, not even half as convincing as he uses to be. It was obvious he was worried too.
I looked up at him, and he smiled down on me. As I tried to smile back, dad was being thrown through the door and into the room. Mom was running immediately by his side, helping him get up.
"Protect your sister, Ryouta." Dad almost yelled at my brother, right before I saw him struggled with a rope. At the other end of the line stood a tall man with black hair and deep blue eyes. When he saw me, he smiled, but his smile looked rather like a victorious grin.
"Brother, he is scary… " I whispered to my brother, as he held me even tighter.
"I know, but we can't run anymore. We have nowhere to run…" my brother smiled as if all of this was just a game. I hated that nervous smile. But he had a plan, I could feel it.
The creepy man was watching me. His eyes, following my movements, like my family didn't even exist.
"You will be mine, little princess. Your power will be mine in only a few minutes." The evil man said like he had already got me as if my family was already dead.
"You'll have to pass us to reach her. We won't let you get her." My mom yelled at him and tried to hit him, only for him to grab her hand and throw her against a wall. Dad was growling slowly and tried to attack him as well, but he too has ended up thrown near mom.
The man walked in front of them. He was mad. He grabbed mom by the neck and struggled her until she no longer fought back. Dad began crying, but he was stabbed in the heart with a knife. Both of my parents were dead in no more than one bloody minute, and I couldn't do anything… I started shivering. My brother will be next.
"Because you're still a kid, boy, I'll let you run." The man spoke calmly, with a small smile on his face. "Run, boy, didn't you heard me?"
"I won't let you have my sister." Ryouta was as dangerous as he could be. He stepped in front of me. I grabbed his hand and tried to make him move, but he just stood there waiting.
"As you wish, boy. But I won't kill you this time. It would be a waste to kill such a sweet boy... Let's see how you can protect your little sister when you can't see her. "The man threatened him with a grin. He walked in front of us and tried to catch me, but oni-san caught his hand first. This made the demon even madder. He raised Ryouta up to his level, and he slammed my brother to the wall. After he whispered some sort of a spell, my brother's eyes went white. "Good luck, little princess." He told me right before he vanished.
I ran up to my brother, I helped him stand up. His eyes were grey, a dark grey, that disappeared only several seconds later.
"Onii-san, can you see me?" I asked him, worried. Although I stood right in front of him, he didn't seem to see me. He was looking right through me.
"I'm sorry, Yumi, but I can't see you. I'm so sorry, sister… "He whispered to me and held me with all his strength. "We must run away from here. He will come back."
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Ice dancer in the garden of love
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